Terms of Use

By using the supplier search and its supplementary services the User accepts the following Terms of Use, which regulate the use of the supplier search “B2BPriceLists.com” provided by the Hauser Deco MODERN UG and its supplementary services.

§ 1 Definitions

  1. “B2BPriceLists.com”: Hauser Deco MODERN UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Fabriciusstr. 57, 65933 Frankfurt, Germany, as operator of the supplier search “B2BPriceLists.com”;
  2. User: Any natural or legal person, who uses the supplier search or a supplementary service and/or communicates with third parties through these;
  3. Advertiser: Any supplier of products and services, who is listed in the B2BPriceLists.com supplier search;
  4. Supplementary services: B2BPriceLists.com-“Supplementary Services”, B2BPriceLists.com -”Contact company” and others where necessary;
  5. B2BPriceLists.com -”Contact company”: The commissioning of Hauser Deco MODERN UG with information of one or more suppliers listed in “B2BPriceLists.com” concerning a User’s specific interests in services or products.

    § 2 Scope of use
  6. The User declares that he/she will exclusively use the supplier search and the B2BPriceLists.com-“Supplementary Services” in the context of his/her commercial and independent professional activities and is therefore not a consumer within the meaning of section 13 of the BGB (German Civil Code).
  7. The User undertakes not to send any pornographic, extremist political, religiously fanatical or other content, which contravene the democratic constitutional order or otherwise violate prevailing laws.
  8. Any use of B2BPriceLists.com-“Supplementary Services” for communications that are not covered by the definitions under section 1 paragraph 5 is prohibited as unsolicited communication (spam). The User acknowledges that the recipient of spam may be entitled to injunctive relief under competition law and/or to a claim for damages against the user irrespective of the selected technical form of communication (email, telephone or SMS).

    § 3 Liability
  9. Hauser Deco MODERN UG does not assume any liability for content, data integrity, delivery or whereabouts of communications which are sent with the supplementary services.
  10. The User is liable for his contents sent via B2BPriceLists.com-“Supplementary Services” in accordance with the general legislation and also in accordance with these Terms of Use. If a claim is made against Hauser Deco MODERN UG due to a breach of law or a violation of these Terms of Use, the User shall indemnify Hauser Deco MODERN UG from these claims upon first request.

    § 4 Consequences of improper use
  11. If the User violates section 2 of these Terms of Use he shall forfeit a contractual penalty in the amount of €25.00 for each transmission and for each of the advertisers who are sent an unsolicited communication.
  12. Furthermore Hauser Deco MODERN UG is entitled to assert a claim for compensation in the event of an infringement of section 2 of these Terms of Use and
    o a. draw the attention of B2BPriceLists.com-Users and advertisers to the User’s methods in an appropriate form;
    o b. inform the User’s internet service provider of the User’s conduct and take steps to have the User’s internet access and/or their webhosting accounts blocked;
    o c. temporarily or permanently deny the User access to the supplier search.

§ 5 Place of jurisdiction and severability clause

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply with the exclusion of the Hague Conventions Relating to a Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods and the German conflict of laws. The exclusive place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Frankfurt, Germany. Any changes to these Terms of Use including the written form clause, must be made in writing. The invalidity of individual provisions will not otherwise affect the effectiveness of these Terms of Use as a whole.

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